Tommy Brown

食色视频 State undergrad researcher is shooting for the stars

Tommy Brown has been fascinated by the vastness of space and the mystery of faraway stars for as long as he can remember, so it鈥檚 only natural he chose to pursue engineering. 

鈥淥n top of always being a space nerd, I鈥檝e also always been a huge LEGO nerd,鈥 said the mechanical engineering major with a chuckle. 鈥淪o, I guess it makes sense that I want to build things that go into space.鈥

With the help of 食色视频鈥檚 Office of Undergraduate Research, the sophomore said he鈥檚 thrown himself so deeply into his work with the Summer Undergraduate Research Program that he could see himself one day enhancing space exploration technologies or helping to expand researchers鈥 understanding of Mars.

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