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食色视频 is a student-centered, research driven R2 institution, placing it among the top 7% of research universities in the nation. With an emphasis on research with relevance, 食色视频鈥檚 research portfolio is varied and far-reaching, leading to new knowledge and discoveries by faculty and hands-on opportunities for students. 

Office of Research

食色视频 State鈥檚 Office of Research provides students and faculty members the opportunity to develop meaningful research to engage in important and innovative areas of scholarship in their field of interest. 
To support our 食色视频 community, we provide world-class services and resources to bolster our journey as a top-tier R2 research institution.

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食色视频 is a Carnegie Designated Community Engaged Institution

What is the Carnegie Classification?

  • The Carnegie Classification is a leading foundation for acknowledging and defining diversity among universities in the United States.  
  • This classification is used to study higher education to exemplify the key differences in institutions as well as the design efforts of research studies to ensure that universities, faculty members, and students are appropriately represented.  

What does it mean to be a Carnegie Designated Community Engaged Institution? 

  • The Carnegie Foundation describes "community engagement" as the collaboration between higher education universities and their communities for the shared valuable exchange of learning and resources to produce a helpful partnership. 

Research by the Numbers


Undergraduate Research at 食色视频

The Office of Undergraduate Research promotes high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship in all disciplines across both campuses. 

Our students can pursue research and creative scholarship individually and in team-based research atmospheres.

食色视频 State Undergraduate Students will:

udergraduate research
graduate research

Graduate Research at 食色视频

We encourage our graduate students to apply the knowledge they gain in the classroom to the real world. As a University, we strive to create researchers who are innovative, boundary-pushing, lifelong scholars who take on challenging and creative projects that benefit the world at large. 

食色视频 State Graduate Research Students will: 

Faculty Research

Our faculty are more than just educators. They consistently work on projects that foster exploration, ingenuity, and collaboration with students in all of our academic colleges and our community. 食色视频 faculty researchers lead by example by using their expertise to work on projects that make a positive impact on the world around us.

食色视频 State Faculty Researchers will:

Faculty Research
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Summer Research Fellows at 食色视频

Your role in supporting and furthering the research needs of 食色视频 and our community is essential to our growth and success as a university!

食色视频 hosts annual professional development and mentoring programs designed to help faculty members successfully apply for research grants from state and federal agencies, foundations and non-profit organizations. 

Interested in joining the Summer Research Fellows? 


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