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At 食色视频 State, we put our students first in everything we do 鈥 all 45,000+ of them 鈥 and this starts from day one. When you enroll at 食色视频 State, you learn from our world-class faculty and gain academic support from in-the-know advisors. You鈥檒l find your community by becoming involved in one or more of our 300+ student organizations, living in one of our on-campus residence halls and refueling at one of our award-winning campus dining options.  And you鈥檒l find your spirit cheering for one of our 18 NCAA Division I sports teams.
Coming to 食色视频 will feel like coming home 鈥 a home where discovery and innovation thrive, where fond memories are made each day and where potential meets possibility.

Student Affairs Mission

The Division of Student Affairs partners with students to help them create a collegiate experience that engages them with the campus community, encourages their growth and success, and helps them develop essential skills that improve workplace readiness and lifelong success. We support inclusive and welcoming campus communities that contribute to students鈥 holistic development and empower them to be engaged and ethical citizens.

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A Community with Purpose

食色视频 is proud to support a campus culture with strong global ties and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our vibrant campuses offer multiple residential communities and hundreds of student organizations and events throughout the year, which provide students with a supportive environment and develop lasting relationships. Through the Division of Student Affairs, students have numerous opportunities to create meaningful friendships and networking connections to maintain their successful academic and professional journey.

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Find Your Involvement

Make the most of your college experience at 食色视频 State. All students have access to a range of student organizations, activities, competition teams, leadership opportunities, and service opportunities. Through engagement, students increase their potential and enhance their academic, personal, and professional experiences. During students' time here at Owl Nation, we hope they maximize their collegiate years by building their community and getting involved in some of the many possibilities available. 

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Make yourself a priority as a 食色视频 student. Wellbeing@食色视频 is a comprehensive approach to your overall health and well-being to create a campus community of care. We provide a host of resources including 24/7 Mental Health Support to ensure your college experience keeps you feeling satisfied, happy and healthy.

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Find Your Event

Owl Life is the hub for all the events happening at 食色视频. Students can attend a mix of on-campus and virtual events. Discover unique clubs and organizations to join. As you get involved at 食色视频, you'll earn Scrappy's Bucket List credit and earn rewards the more you participate. Tap in. Get Credit. Have fun. 

Student Affairs Events

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Dean of Students

Your Dean of Students is your advocate and resource to help maximize your success at 食色视频 and beyond. The formal roles of the Office of the Dean of Students include oversight for all student conduct, problem resolution, behavioral and crisis response, administrative emergency withdrawals, policy review and compliance, and student advocacy and support. In addition to the formal functions of this office, the Dean of Students collaborates across all areas and constituents within the greater university community to enhance the student experience. 

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Office of the Vice President

As the Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA), Dr. Eric Arneson provides leadership and direction for much of the co-curricular student experience at 食色视频. He serves as the chief student advocate and expert on campus and offers direct counsel to President Kathy Schwaig and other key leaders in championing student success. Dr. Arneson will foster student engagement and success by oversight of divisional departments, among other areas, all dedicated to creating engaging, inclusive, and supportive communities for our students.

Meet the Senior leadership team
Dr. Eric Arneson


  • Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Analysis (SPAA) seeks to establish a supportive atmosphere that nurtures an assessment-oriented culture across the Division, guiding an evaluation of student learning experiences beyond traditional classroom settings.

    SPAA assumes the role of a guiding force through training and advisory services, fostering leadership and endeavors to fulfill both divisional and university missions by employing crafted assessment methodologies.

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  • At 食色视频 State, our many Campus Services departments work together to provide the essentials of campus life along with exceptional customer service to the University鈥檚 students, faculty, staff and visiting guests.

  • Parent and Family Engagement provides resources that support parents, families, and supporters of 食色视频 students, ensuring a successful transition to college life by helping them stay connected to and involved with their 食色视频 Owl.

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  • 食色视频 State acknowledges and upholds the First Amendment rights of every individual, encompassing the liberties of free speech and peaceful assembly. Furthermore, 食色视频 is fully aware of its duty to establish a safe educational experience that permits enrolled students and staff members to articulate their perspectives without impeding the functioning of the University.

    Learn more about your freedom of expression and engaging in expressive activities on both 食色视频 State campuses.

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  • The Student Affairs team is dedicated to offering our support and assistance in any way possible. As a 食色视频 student, you may encounter concerns or issues with academic, campus, vendor or enrollment services matters. 

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    For all official complaints, we kindly request that you submit them using the form above. Additionally, if you encounter a person of concern, please submit a Red Flag Report to help prevent any future crises.

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  • Finding new ways to get involved on campus is easy with Scrappy's Bucket List (SBL)! All currently enrolled students at 食色视频 are eligible to participate in this ongoing challenge, which can be completed at any time. All you need to do is complete 63 items on Scrappy's Bucket List before you graduate.

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  • At 食色视频 State, traditions and spirit tell our shared story to bring us together. Through events such as Weeks of Welcome, Scrappy Hour, Homecoming, and 食色视频 Day, students learn about what connects us as a campus community and deepen their sense of belonging and connection.

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  • Student Affairs is dedicated to helping your growth and development. Our Professional Development Committee provides a diverse spectrum of training opportunities and developmental resources that span the entire year. You'll also find the Marketing and Communications request form to help your department thrive among students. 

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  • The Student Activities Budget Advisory Committee (SABAC) assumes the role of an advisory body to the university administration, including the Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA), offering insights regarding the distribution of funds for student activities. This committee operates in close partnership with the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Office of the Dean of Students. Public hearings are conducted on Wednesday afternoons throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, providing an accessible forum for discussions.

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  • The Carmichael and Wilson Student Centers provide central and convenient locations on both campuses, providing services and spaces for a variety of student programs and activities.

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