KCash allows students, faculty and staff to conveniently make purchases on campus using their campus ID card as an on-campus debit card anywhere that accepts KCash. KCash can be used on campus to purchase textbooks and school supplies from the 食色视频 Bookstore, snacks from The Market, meals at our dining halls, restaurants and the food trucks, and to use the student printers. Go to your KCash Manager by clicking the button below to get started. 


KCash Machine Locations

Deposit KCash to your account or check your balance using the machines in the following locations:

食色视频 Campus

  • The Commons dining hall - main entrance
  • Horace W. Sturgis Library - ground floor
  • James V. Carmichael Student Center - second floor
  • Social Sciences Building - third floor

Marietta Campus

  • Atrium Building - in the atrium (adjacent to STACKS)
  • Joe Mack Wilson Student Center - second floor
  • Lawrence V. Johnson Library - ground floor
  • Stingers dining hall - main entrance

Remember to Update Your Talon Card

Update your Talon Card at a HotSpot to refresh your access. Hold your Talon Card or mobile device up to the HotSpot until the flashing/beeping stops, then repeat every seven days. You will need to do this for every device that is provisioned for your Mobile Talon Card (phone, watch, etc.). 

Scrappy updating his Talon Card at a HotSpot